Shout Out To Caleb Ramey!

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Apr 02

We want to give a shoutout to ​Caleb Ramey, a damn good friend and supporter of our business. Please go check him out on Instagram @calebramey22. Check out his podcast as well titled HUA!

After graduating high school, I went to college as you are told your whole life that you need to do. I started out in nursing but finished with a bachelor’s in business in Human Resources. I then began working in HR, and it seemed like no job I was good at, and it never s​eemed it would work out. Time and time again I found myself with out a job and not due to any fault of my own. I was raised in a religious household and have been told another thing that I need to do other than college was to become a pastor. I saw what it took to be one, as my dad is a pastor, and I wanted nothing to do with it. Seeing that nothing was working for me, I turned my focus to pursuing my ordination to be a pastor. I am currently the youth pastor at my church now. I have some free time, and my long-time best friend due to some happenstances also had some free time. We got together and started working towards a vision of bringing vets, and patriots a like together for one purpose; to let go of the world for a while and cut loose. Pushing our social media skills to the limit and having some minor hiccups along the way; like some microphone malfunctions. We started HUA! Heard, acknowledging, understood for the pursuit of creating a family to share thoughts and ideas that others maybe a bit scared to share aloud. We are dedicated and driven to make this a success and we will not stop and will never surrender!

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