Where We Started

Frank Tavaglione, Founder & CEO

​Frank Tavaglione

“​I would have never imaged having my company 10+ years ago; But here I am today, it’s a shock somedays I have all this.”

EFD was born out of hard times, jobless, and most of all during the corona virus pandemic.

I had been terminated from my job at the end of January 2020, and was left totally lost in my life. A job I thought I would be at for 30+ years all gone in the blink of an eye. I didn’t see any hope in sight, the pediment I was in was to big; I thought this was my end. It was in the very early hours in the morning one day in February, I had stayed up late to draw on my tablet, and BOOM! It hit me EFD Designs; Ever Fearless Designs. I could take my love of Industrial design, and graphic design into a business, no longer just a forgotten thrown in the back of the closet dream.

As I worked 18 hour days on products, and project that I’ve had on the back burner of life for nearly 5 years. One day I was working on graphics for a Ruck Sack, as I drew, I thought to my self “hey I should put that on a shirt”. Just at that moment I came up with TIER- the clothing brand of EFD Designs. Patriotic, military based, and sometimes just fun. TIER is tip of the spear, top of the top.

I wanted to turn my degree in Industrial design into a reality that I could tun my own product concepts into reality; and now I had the opportunity. I had little money, But I had a wife that believed in me & backed me 110%, and an accountant that said I was out of my mind for it.

Gear & Apparel - From concept to final product, we design, test, and proudly overbuild gear and apparel.We take this to heart, so that it thrives in khandhar and Philadelphia.

​​Dana Tavaglione

“​​When people doubt you keep on pushing and prove them wrong! You can do anything you want when you put your mind to it!”

​Hello, my name is Dana Tavaglione CEO and founder of EFD Designs. EFD Designs was founded and created on hard times, not believing in yourself, giving up and thinking this is the end. But it wasn’t the end it was a new beginning little to my surprise. Working 100+ hours in various jobs over the years for the next 30+ years wasn’t in the cards for me. I wanted to be bigger and have something I really enjoy doing. I love working with different types of folks. Over the years of getting to meet different folks and talking to them you really start to realize a lot. Falling on hard times as a child is something that really struck me as a young adult trying to find my way and put a mark in this world.

Here’s a little bit about myself. I was born September of 1992. I had a great life as a child but like every child I had storm clouds in my life. Losing my mother when I was just 15 and losing my father at only 19 years old. Losing both of my parents at a very early age was very tough but I made it. Wasn’t easy had no family at the time only a select few friends. Endurance is the biggest thing I’ve noticed that got me through the toughest times in my life. Fast forward almost 10 years later never did I imagine my life to be where it currently stands now. Meeting my boyfriend at the age of 21 in 2013 on a dating site never in my wildest dreams did I think that would ever happen. But it did. When you want to give up most that’s when things happen for a reason. God places people in your life at the correct and the most unexpected times. Fast forward 3 years later we got back in May 2016, purchased our “forever home” starting a business working for ourselves. But I wouldn’t chance a thing. Even in the toughest times don’t give up. This quote by Joel Olsteen always gives me hope and it’s one of my favorites. “There’s a lot that is good in your life-don’t take it for granted. Don’t get so focused on the struggles that you miss the gift of today.” When people doubt you keep on pushing and prove them wrong! You can do anything you want when you put your mind to it!!!-I’m

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